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What are Clearview Towing Mirrors?

Our original Clearview Towing Mirrors are specifically designed for Australian conditions.

Further, they are designed for the vehicles that are used for towing in Australia.


What features do the mirrors have? Electric fold? Indicators? Puddle Light?

Clearview Towing Mirrors operate electrically by plugging into the original electrics.
Clearview Towing Mirrors DO NOT contain an electric fold back function, puddle light, or camera. These are features added into the original mirrors by the manufacturer that are not included in our mirrors.
Some models will come standard with indicators. If your mirrors originally have indicators, ClearviewTowing Mirrors Pty Ltd DO provide mirrors with indicators.
Indicators can be added into all models that contain electrics. It will be at additional cost; and will need to be taken to an auto electrician to be hard wired into the car. Clearview Towing Mirrors Pty Ltd DO NOT offer a plug for that feature.

How do the mirrors work?

Clearview Towing Mirrors are full replacement mirrors.

In other words, you remove your current mirror from the car and fit our mirrors into the same location. The electrics on your mirrors will work from your existing mirror switch as your old mirrors did. The top glass in the mirror will operate electrically and is flat glass. The bottom mirror is manually operated and is a convex glass, allowing you to see into the lane beside you, This removes most of your blind spots.

When you hook up your caravan, you simply pull outwards on the mirror head and it will slide out an additional 100mm, allowing you to see down the side of your van.

You are now ready to tow your van, trailer, etc.

When you arrive at your holiday destination you simply unhook your van and then push your mirror back into the standard driving position.


What happens when you are driving along up north and a road train goes past you dragging all that wind with it? Will the mirrors come off or fold back?


The mirrors will NOT fall off or blow back on you in the event of a road train passing you.

Should you experience any difficulties with our mirrors at any time PLEASE CALL US. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you in solving your problem.

In fact, our after-sale product service is a key factor in our success as a business which we take great pride in upholding.



The mirrors look wider than my original mirrors. How far past the old mirrors do they protrude?

Our mirrors do sit out wider than your current mirrors - approximately 100 mm further.

They are designed that way to get enough slide on the mirror to be able to reach out past the side of your caravan.

Measurements are available on each models information page on this website.


Are the mirrors legal being out that far?

Yes - Clearview Towing Mirrors are legal.

All of our mirrors comply with the Australian Design Rules.

Check out the picture below showing the NSW Police Force utilising Clearview Towing Mirrors!

Can the mirrors fold back if I happen to hit something in a carpark or when traveling?

Yes, the mirrors will fold back almost against your car door if they get hit.

They will also fold forward if someone brushes past them in a car park as well.



What if I damage a mirror and need spare parts?

We carry a full compliment of spare parts which are listed on our website.


How do they fit onto my car?

You remove the current mirror on your car completely... and bolt our mirror into the same place!

It's simple - it really is. But please review the installation video for your particular vehicle model if you would like more information on the installation process.

After viewing the installation video, if you are still not confident enough to install Clearview Towing Mirrors yourself but would love to have our mirrors installed on your vehicle, please contact us or one of our dealers to arrange a fitting.



What if I have no prior experience mechanically and don't feel confident enough to start pulling my car apart?

We supply you with a DVD that has detailed fitting instructions on it.

We explain and demonstrate every step of the process so you will have no problems at all in the fitting of our mirrors.


Will your mirrors fit vehicles other than those listed on this website?

In short - NO.

Our mirrors are designed to be vehicle specific - so NO, they won't fit other model cars.

However, we are continually increasing our vehicle model range. If you have a vehicle that we currently do not make Clearview Towing Mirrors for and you would like our mirrors on your vehicle - PLEASE LET US KNOW.

If we witness sufficient demand for any one vehicle we will add that vehicle to our product range - simple as that!

Unfortunately, due to the significant costs involved we are unable to satisfy solitary orders.



Can I remove the mirrors and refit my old mirror if I'm not going away on a trip for while or if I sell the car?

Yes, you can remove our mirrors and refit your old mirrors again without any problems at all.


What if I still don't feel confident fitting your mirrors after watching your DVD?

Any mechanical workshop or auto electrician can fit the mirrors for you for a small charge.




Approximately how long will it take me to fit the mirrors?

It should only take approximately 20 minutes a mirror for a LandCruiser and about 15 minutes for a Patrol.

The Toyota Hilux Clearview Towing Mirrors installation DVD - which shows the fitting of one of our mirrors from start to finish - was recorded in approximately 6 minutes!

My car is a poverty pack LandCruiser. Do you have Clearview Towing Mirrors to suit my car?


We have a mirror that comes with a manual actuator and is manually operated to adjust the mirror position.

We also have the same for the GU Patrol utes that have no electrics too.

My car has mirrors that operate electrically. Is this an issue?

No. The electrical connectors that come with our mirrors are designed to fit directly into your existing wiring loom. No wires to cut - just unplug your current wiring connector and plug ours back in. The operation of your mirror will work as normal.

However, any additional features, such as puddle lights or electric fold back *but not including indicators), will currently be lost when purchasing our mirrors.

What colours do the mirrors come in?

The mirrors come in a chrome or a textured black finish.

When purchasing our mirrors with indicators:-

  • the textured black mirror has an orange indicator; and

  • the chrome mirror has a clear indicator

When purchasing our mirrors without indicators, whether electric or manual:-

  • the textured black mirror has no reflector; and

  • the chrome mirror has a clear reflector.

An older version of our mirrors had a chrome finish with no indicators or reflectors. Unfortunately, this finish is no longer available.


Is the chrome mirror more expensive than the black finish?

No. The price is the same for chrome or black.



What sort of guarantee do you provide with your mirrors?

Clearview Towing Mirrors warranty is 12 months from the date of purchase. To extend this warranty a further 24 months for a total 36 month warranty, the warranty card provided with your purchase must be completed and returned to us with a copy of your dated proof of purchase within 14 days of date of purchase. Please click here for full terms and conditions.

If you are not happy with our mirrors, we also have a 100% money back guarantee on the product if returned within 7 days and in the original box.






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