A big thank you to the staff at Clearview. I had a problem with my Clearview mirrors. I emailed the Clearview team to describe the situation and received wonderful service. Replacement parts were dispatched and when I had a technical problem with re-fitting the mirrors, there was a helpful response from the technical guys that solved the problem (without making me feel like a goose). All in all a great outcome with another happy customer. Best regards, Leo.

01 July 2019


I attended the Perth Caravan and Camping Show recently and mentioned to a very helpful lady (Jessica) on your display that I had corrosion on my mirror bases. Within days I received a parcel with replacement parts. This is unbelievable service, and brilliant product backup. I can't thank you enough. Well done.   John Staring.

Thanks, John Staring

02 April 2019


Gday Clearview. I have two sets of your mirrors on a couple of landcruisers. I think they are the ultimate. I am always towing wide loads including car trailers etc. The other night I tipped a ute on its side in a paddock. I hit a big puddle on a track and I had no water in my washers and before I I could react it grabbed and went plop on its side. I wasn't prepared as I should have been and I knocked myself out hitting the opposite door head first. I eventually got out and called my son to help winch the ute back onto its wheels. I was not sure what to expect when we looked at the left side only find the left mirror had pushed the door in to the point of nearly breaking the window. I was a bit worried about the mirror but after pulling it back to its normal position it didn't have a blemish on it. I am so impressed with how tough they are. Thanks Clearview

Thanks, Brenton

21 September 2018


Thank you so very much for such fast service. I couldn't believe it this morning when Star Track arrived at my door with the parcel. I have never had such a fast delivery. Thank you very much. We are so pleased now that we bought another set of Clearview Towing Mirrors. The service is great and you were so helpful on the phone.

Much Appreciated, Regards, John & Kathy

06 June 2018


This is a testimonial to affirm the benefits of Clearview Power Boards. I had the steps fitted on the 31-5-2018 to my Landcruiser 79 series dual cab (which has a 2” lift), my partner who is approx 5’3” has since day 1 issues getting in & out of the Landcruiser, stating that her back would ache & “twist” when ever hoping in or out, we tried various portable steps ect which were not successful. Whilst googling the net for other options we came across the Clearview Power Boards & contacted Nicole at Clearview and organised for the fittment as the 79 Series Power Boards as they are now available. Upon arrival at home my partner hoped in & out several times and in her words “these steps are awesome, bloody fantastic, and that night with the led lights WoW, very very happy lady, with a smile from ear to ear !!!! Win win yeah. Now after just 5 days it’s a pleasure to step in & out and no back issues or complaints about the height, they are an amazing addition.

I would highly recommend the Clearview Power Boards (along with Clearview mirrors), to any one that has issues getting in or out of a vehicle (or with back or knee issues my thoughts only). So many thanks to Nicole, Graham & staff. Thanks Greg

20 May 2018


I hate to go all cliche, but these really are the best thing since sliced bread. Well, in terms of ease of use and convenience for caravanners like me! One tug and you're ready to go. One push and you're back to day-to-day mode. Simple but brilliant!

Thanks Mark

10 April 2018


Upgraded from the Hilux to the 79 Cruiser, was going to buy new mirrors but asked Clearview about changing the mounts and keeping the current mirrors with electrics.. All I needed to do was get the mirrors to the factory and they did the rest. Great service once I spoke to manager, item returned like new with all the supplementary requirements and saved a bundle. Thoroughly recommended, David

16 January 2018


I'd like to say I am completely satisfied with the quality of the Chrome Clearview mirrors I received today. They are amazing just to take out of the box. I was overwhelmed with the quick and flawless shipping (in 3 days) with not a single scratch on the box. I can't remember when I have had such a pleasant transaction. Your customer service if top notch!

Thank so much for your assistance.

Ted Rocheford - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

8 September 2017


We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Clearview Mirrors. You have provided the highest quality products with even better customer service. Deliveries are often received earlier than expected, and you are quick to resolve any issues that may arise.

Warm regards,

Gary S. - Caravan & RV Works
25 August 2017


Hi I recently purchased a pair of the Clear View Mirrors for my Colorado twin cab and I just want to congratulate on on such a wonderful product. I have been towing all sorts of trailers, car carriers, Caravans etc for 57 years and have been fiddling with inferior products all those years. My wife and I have just finished a 6000k trip towing the Caravan and it has made our lives so much safer, I say safer as these mirrors allow all aspects of the rear of the vehicles to be visable as well as having rear vision as far as the eye can see. One of my biggest gripes when towing is to see other Caravaners with no decent rear vision cover they are oblivious to other road users and should nor be on the road as they are a danger not only to themselves but all road users, mirrors like yours should be mandatory for all towing vehicles it would our travelling that much safer Kindest regards

Peter D.
15 July 2017


I just wanted to express my thanks for the great customer service afforded me, the way my inquiry was handled from first contact to spare parts arriving at my home was nothing short of amazing It’s been a pleasure using your product and dealing with your company, I have always endorsed the mirrors to all who inquire about them and will continue to do so as well as the great customer service.
Thanks again
Wayne W.
19 April 2017

This is my third set of mirrors – previous sets purchased and sold on your preloved facility that you provide – what a great product, facility and congratulations on the install videos avail on CD and youtube. Hope to get heaps of use from this set as well.
Kind regards,Andrew

27 March 2016

Hi folks, just fitted a set of your clearview mirrors to my 2014 D-Max. Bought them at the Perth caravan and camping show on thursday. With the aid of your DVD they were fitted in no time. Fantastic product and has to be the easiest fitment I have ever done on any vehicle. Very very pleased with the product and the great DVD. Cheers, Greg

Posted 27 March 2017  

Well what else can I say, the parcel with my 2 new mirror glass pieces was received this morning at 9.10am via courier. Absolute top customer service from start to finish.

Very best regards,
Ian C.
Posted 16 March 2017

I just like to say I love my towing mirrors . We tow a boat with a 100 series V8 land cruiser and with the standard mirrors  I can just see behind us sometimes with a bit of swearving . But now I can see it all even without pulling them out further.Fantastic….. I fitted them yesterday after watching the instruction video and it took me less than 40min for both doors. Great product and easy instructions. Thank you guys for a great product.

Kind regards, Reiner G.
Posted 5 Sep 2016


About a week ago I had clearview mirrors fitted to my triton by ARB in Kilsyth, and all I can say is OMG!!!! they are the greatest towing mirrors I have ever used, every person who tows a van in Australia should be using these, they are absolutely fantastic!!!! I have 280 friends on facebook, and I have ensured that everyone of them know about your mirrors, keep up the great work.

20 July 2016


The mirrors are on the landcruiser, fitting was as easy as the video says. I have only one regret and that is not getting these years ago. I love them.

14 July 2016


I bought my husband a set of Clearview mirrors from the 4WD show, for our Jeep Grand Cherokee,  we spent a month away going as far Mackay and back to Melbourne, he said they are the best mirrors he has ever had, and that's saying something, as he drives 25 meter B Doubles for a living.

Jan M.
13 June 2016


Hi Clearview, the mirrors I advertised with you for a Toyota Hilux have now been sold .

Thank you for this wonderful site to advertise on .

AND , just love these mirrors , we now have a set on our new Isuzu. Wouldn’t be without them now.

Cheers, Graham
24 May 2016


Subject: Bt-50 mirror install
Comments: Hi guys, I received my mirrors which look great and installed them. What a fantastic product. I am also pleased that I decided to go with the indicators as the XTR I have the connection was as simple as plugging it in. I can't wait to test them with my Jayco pop-up camper very soon. Thanks Lance

17 May 2016


Some feedback on the mirrors. I will start with a cliche "I should have done this ages ago".
Fantastic product fitted expertly to our 2013 Hi Lux Sherwood motorhome by Raj and team at the 4WD Service Centre Taren Point NSW. They have been on 1 week and have already been on freeways to dirt tracks. They are a must have. Love 'em.
Michael and Luisa
8 March 2016


Att:-  Mike and all Staff at Clearview. 

Thank you for the prompt service that the Company has provided in supplying a replacement Mirror Head Assembly, it arrived P.M. today Wednesday in good condition and no damage so managed to survive the Bass Straight crossing.  Ever since fitting a pair of this excellent product we have been asked on many occasions during our travels on the Mainland but particularly down here in Tassie.  Once again, thank you and the staff, for a prompt response to my order.  

Kind regards,  Glen S., Spreyton, Tassie
25 February 2016


Hi , Received my  mirror today.

Thank you for your prompt service. I am very impressed.

Thank you, Neil C.

PS The mirrors provide great rear coverage and I love them
5 October 2015

Hi, Thought I'd let you know about my recent purchase.

Clearview mirrors ordered online Sunday. Order dispatched Monday. Order received Tuesday(over 300kms distant). Mirrors fitted by me in 30mins on Wednesday.

Pretty good service in my opinion so "Thanks". Better vision with these mirrors than the factory fitted standard ones. Looking forward to towing my caravan in the next few weeks to see the improvement over the old clip on type.

Ron C.
16 April 2015


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! ClearView service is fantastic!!!! I ordered a replacement lens on Tuesday 14th April, and it arrived this morning in Newcastle Wednesday 15th April at about 9am. What service. Furthermore, thanks to the excellent video on the site, the replacement lens was installed within 10 minutes later.

Thank you for your remarkable service!!! Best regards, Mike T.
15 April 2015


Our mirrors are only 11 months old. However, we have changed our vehicle and hence wish to sell our beautiful clearview mirrors. They are such an excellent product for towing or even just travelling; brilliant concept. We will certainly be purchasing another set for our new car.

Many thanks and Regards,
Elaine W.
3 March 2015


We would again, like to thank you for repairing our vandalised mirrors this afternoon at no cost to us.  In this day and age it is rare to find a company which will fully rebuid it's product at a moments notice and then not make a charge. 

We have always been impressed with our mirrors and have recommended them to other people, we now have reason to praise your product and customer service even more.

Thank you once again,

Bob & Linda D
16 January 2014

Hi, wanted to provide you some unsolicited feedback.

I just finished a 20,000km trip with my clearview mirrors attached to my LC200 the whole way. I set them at home, and they did not move or need resetting the entire trip . I travelled both bitumen and corrugated dirt, including doing the Gibb River Road and also north to the Mitchell falls. Those that have been there know how bad those roads are. We passed and were passed by many heavy road trains and alike, no problems. I towed a caravan too much of the way and with a simple extension of the arms and you are off. For me, I didn’t even have to reset the mirror positions. The mirrors sit firm and there is no vibration to distort the view.

I had many folks approach me and ask about the mirrors, naturally they got a good story.

I find these mirrors a great investment.

Well done...and thanks for such a great product.


Paul K.
11 October 2014


We have just returned from a 15,000 k trip with the caravan, which included some of the roughest tracks we’ve experienced to date, including Hell’s Gate to roper Bar and Alice to Coober Pedy, via, the Old Ghan Railway Line, Finke to Mt Dare & Dalhousie Springs, Oodnadatta and Arkaringa.

I set the glass positions in the Clearviews (fitted by me to an LC78 Troopie), before we left home and have not needed to adjust them again – remarkable!

Having removed the red stuff from all the visible parts, I’m wondering if there is any maintenance I should / could do and, if so, how do they come apart.   All I have noticed is that they have become a little harder to slide in and out.

Excellent product, thank you.

Roger L.
10 September 2014


Thank you Clearview mirrors, so happy we took the plunge & purchased a pair of these outstanding mirrors, the fitting was so easy & the instruction DVD sure helped. I would have no problems recommending you to anyone I am talking to.

Thank you again.
David D.
2 September 2014


Hi Clearview

I bought a set of your mirrors for my Land Cruiser 100 series at the Brisbane Ekka in 2009. They are the best things since sliced bread!!! They only took me 20 minutes to install after watching the DVD.

I have travelled with my caravan from Qld to NSW then to the top of Qld again and back to Port Macquarie in NSW and had no trouble seeing what was coming up to pass me or the side of the road. Fantastic.

I am one happy customer. 
Thank you
Max H
10 August 2014


Hi Clearview,

I told you a few years ago when buying my mirrors at the 4 x 4 show I would give you my opinion on how your mirrors went when I got back home from travelling, well Mike you can be proud of your achievement, they preformed floorlessly, the only thing that has made them look less than new is a little paint is starting to come off and losing its shine.

Great job mate
Regards Mark T.
28 July 2014


Hello Clearview

Just a quick email to let you know how pleased I am with the new Clearview mirrors that I have just fitted to the Mitsubishi Triton. I previously had a set of the Clearview mirrors on my Landcruiser 100 series and was pleased to read a few months back that the Triton mirrors were “in the pipeline”.

I attended at the factory and picked up a set a couple of weeks ago, and they are excellent. These were much easier to fit than the Landcruiser ones, no door trim removal !!

Thanks again for a great product, have done a run with the van to central Victoria last week, and they were great. I have just retired from the police force and we are going to be doing a fair bit of travelling, and the Clearview mirrors will get plenty of use

2 June 2014


To Clearview,

I wish to thank you all for your time and the installation of the Clearview Mirrors to my Mitsubishi Triton Ute. The mirrors not only complement the vehicle in appearance but they are also a pleasure to drive with. The overall visual of surrounding traffic is also far superior to the standard mirrors, it does not matter which mirror you look at (left – right), you have a uninterrupted clear vision of all traffic around you and with the removal of those hidden blind spots the mirrors are just amazing. With the aerodynamics of the mirrors and the double arm supports, you can comfortably pass oncoming heavy traffic without fear of the mirrors flying back towards you. With the mirrors extended I now have a clear view down both sides of the caravan and a true perception of surrounding traffic along with approaching traffic from behind. Truly, these mirrors are amazing and a pleasure to drive with. My wife and I are now looking forward to our trip up through the centre in June.  

Thank you again to all the staff at Clearview Mirrors it has been a pleasure working with you to help get these mirrors ready for release.

John C.
15 April 2014


Hi Clearview,

Today, I received my mirrors after your company had replaced some significant parts, according to the tax invoice that accompanied the delivery. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised, but also very appreciative of the company's willingness to go the extra mile, when the product was well out of the warranty period. This is the mark of a company that clearly  takes pride in its product and workmanship, and its reputation for quality and customer service.

Will you please ensure that my thanks and appreciation to all of you with whom I have dealt in recent weeks are passed on to the company's senior management/owners?

I will ensure that this great customer service is acknowledged on several Internet forums where your product is widely known and used.

Kind regards,
Mike J.
24 April 2014


I have just had a set of your chrome mirrors fitted to my NT Pajero and they look great and even driving around with no caravan on I wonder why I waited too long to get them. 

They are just so much safer and eliminate the blind spot down the side of my vehicle. 

After being on the NSW Highway Patrol for nearly 10 years I know how important good mirrors are.  I need to know who is behind me and at each side all of the time so that if I need to change lanes in a hurry I know I can do it with safety.  I have retired from the Police now after 20 years of service but I can tell you if you are looking for a great mirror that will enhance your safety when you are towing or not these you cannot go past these great Australian made mirrors.


4th April 2014

Subject: FW: Pre Loved Mirrors GU Patrol

Hi Guys, Just wish to advise The Mirrors  sold within 24hrs thank you very much for the service.

I shall be ordering another set soon for my new 2014 Toyota 70 series Crew cab Ute.



26 June 2014

Subject: SOLD: Clearview Pre loved Mirrors

We sold our mirrors this morning. Many thanks for putting these on your website (Pre Loved Mirrors section). This is where the buyer found them. Please remove our add.
We do recommend your products and the website to the towing community we talk to.

Regards  Richard and Jenny
8 June 2014

Hi Guys
Just wanting to contact you and say that I think this looks like a fabulous product!!  First found you on  GoSeeAustralia.com.au website , and like anyone was interested in how to get them free!!  lol

We are using them for towing large 4 horse float and also caravan.  Weel done on such a clever and good looking products!!

Dani H,
21 April 2014

Hi Clearview,

Thank you so much for the quick handling of our mirror repairs. We received the package yesterday. We appreciated the way you handled our problem and will continue to promote your product as we have in the past.

Michael E.
9th April 2014

Hi Clearview,

Thanks very much for that. Was going to put the stickers on the car and van, but not to worry. When they next come out!

The mirrors are fantastic - we've had ours since the very first week they came out for the NT Pajero (2009 model).

We really love them and and Mike was excellent when we needed some parts under warranty. First class service and product - what more could you ask for?

More than happy to keep spreading the word. I am an Admin on the Caravanners Forum and also very active on the Pajero Forum.

Thanks again!

20 March 2014

Click on the above images to view larger size

Dear Sir,

Just a short note to thank you for your wonderful mirrors that I'm certain saved my wife from serious facial injuries when we had a rollover accident last year.

5 March 2014

5 March 2014


Thank you for your prompt service.

My previous vehicle had these mirrors and I was very happy with them, hence getting the same again.

3 March 2014

Hi Clearview Towing Mirrors,

Thanks for the service,realy great to have them back on the L/Cruiser again. I think I have recommended these to dozens of people.

Once again Thank you.
10 February 2014

G’Day Mike

Awesome!! Thanks for your kind assistance and telephone guidance, all done and can feel the difference already.

Thanks also for the info re: wiring up the indicators, I’ll give that a go, another useful bit of inf0.

Great product, fantastic service.

Best regards
23 January 2014


Thanks for fitting the mirrors at short notice, two days before our trip. They are fantastic, and compliment the vehicle very well. They are solid as a rock, crossing the Nullabor the road trains didn't budge em.

Thanks again Mick
8 September 2013

GoSeeAustralia has fitted a set of Clearview towing Mirrors to their 2010 Holden Colorado.  Read all about it HERE

7 February 2013

I purchased a set of your wonderful mirrors for my new 200 Series Land Cruiser to assist me towing my 30ft caravan, they are absolutely fantastic and knock the spots off of anything else I have tried What is also a testament to your company is the manner in which a recent warranty claim was handled by yourselves through Opposite Lock in Mandurah.my mirrors were replaced without any fuss or hesitation, a rare experience these days!! So not only am I extremely happy with my initial purchase, but also the care and after sales backup that you provided, you truly stuck by your name and your product guarantees, good on ya and I hope you have many more years of growth and success.

13 July 2012

Have just installed a set of your mirrors. Had them painted to match the car and opinions are they look great. Installation was as per DVD, easy with no problems.


GREAT MIRRORS, LOVE EM!...  Cheers to All

15 April 2012

GoSee is road testing a towing product which takes towing mirrors to a new level. Clearview Towing Mirrors has produced something really different. By Editor Garth Morrison

"Clearview offers towing mirrors which are fully replacement and designed for towing caravans, boats and big trailers..."

After towing caravans for 20 years now I have fitted the clearview mirrors 12 months ago and can't believe what I have been missing...  This is a massive leap forward to anything on the market..  Well done Clearview

22 February 2012

I have been vanning for nearly 4yrs and at last found the best mirrors for towing a 21ft van, the other just did not seem right. I bought the Clearviews from BTC in Darwin, after the sales girl gave them a very good rap up, installed them myself after watching the DVD “piece of cake”. So thanks again for fantastic mirrors.


I purchased a set of your mirrors from Southern towbars yesterday (Friday) for 120 series Prado, and watching your installation DVD,you made reference to "you could teach monkeys to install these" Mike hu hu hu  I have been discribed on occasions as a Gorilla (thats a monkey) and I installed them so easily, the two within 20 minuets.

I am extremely pleased. Well done.
5 August 2013

We had mirrors put on by ARB Dubbo a week ago and we love them......

the mirrors ! Easy to use, fold back and see what we need to see.




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