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What is the difference between an ES100 & an ES100 plus?

Standard Easy Slide

The "Standard" ES-100 slides out the length of base with left runner locking and is ideal for installing in wagons like 100, & 200 series, Patrol, Prado, etc..

Easy Slide "Plus” models

The "Plus” Easy Slide was developed for installing it in a ute canopy with angled sides. To provide clearance for the handle the Easyslide must be mounted back on the drawers. So we have made the plus version with extended travel Runners that slide out an extra 120mm and both sides lock out.


Why do the mounting plates I have look different to those on the instructions?

Any one of the mounting styles shown below are acceptable as long as you have one bolt in each corner.

1. Original Strap type mounting plate

2. Two hole mounting plate

3. New style single hole mounting plate



How do I run my 12 volt Lead?

We recommend to run the 12 volt lead up through the handle like the picture below.


How far does my Easy Slide lower?

The Easy Slide tray sits 25mm above your drawers. Once extended, the tray travels down 290mm (25mm +265mm). It ends up 265mm lower than the top of the drawer (or the bottom of the Easy Slide).

For those with short drawers, there are 5 positions on the locking/lowering mechanism, which allows for 5 different lowering levels. With the lowest being 265mm from the top of the drawers, the second lowest is 175mm from the top of the drawers and works equally as well as any other of the five levels, including the lowest.


Lowest level: 290mm drop


2nd Lowest level: 200mm drop




Looking for more detail? Check out the following PDFs

ES-100 & ES-150 PLUS Dimensions

ES-220 PLUS Dimensions



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